MovieSlider: create slideshow from any video

Very few people nowadays would be surprised by a hard drive with several hundreds of gigabytes. If you are a happy owner of such a device, you will not let it stay unoccupied. You can bet that the lion's share of its space is occupied by games and... movies, clips and other videos. Sometimes there are so many movies on it that you would like to share them with others. You'd like to send your impressions of a movie you have watched to a friend of yours on ICQ. And if your computer is connected to a local area network or a file exchange network, you often just can't but share your pleasure with everyone, absolutely everyone. Which is completely incompatible with your network bandwidth and traffic cost.

What do you do in this case? Make screenshots in your favorite player? Develop your literary skills in describing the turns in the plotline of a movie?

You have one more good option as well use our program. MovieSlider is a free application that creates a slide show out of video frames of any format. You just specify your favorite movie, the number of frames in the preview and add any information about it. In a few minutes you will have a small executable file that we call a preview. If you start such a preview whose size is hundred times less than the size of the source video file, you can view the entire movie as a slide show. A smooth succession of slides viewed within several minutes will allow you to get an idea of the movie plot, recognize favorite actors, evaluate the quality of video and get other information.

Of course, you already know all that after watching the video. And now it will all become known to your friend whom you will send the preview by e-mail. And the users of your network. And you will know what movies they have. And you will stop downloading gigabytes of movie files with obscure names in vain, but you will download only videos whose contents and quality you know after viewing the preview.

Enjoy the movie!


File: movieslider.exe
Version: 1.0
Size: 612 kB
Windows: Vista, XP, 2003, 2000


26.03.2008 - new previews for films was added:
The Fountain
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

30.01.2008 - new previews for films was added:
The Matrix Reloaded
Night at the Museum
Face Off

26.01.2008 - first program version release

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